a hub for wellbeing, biodiversity and community

We are a registered charity, bringing our community together to convert a disused farm in Woodham, Surrey into a venue to support local people, promote mental wellbeing and biodiversity.


Meet new people and expand your social circle


Create something meaningful from scratch


Rediscover a sense of purpose and fulfilment


Build confidence and become part of a supportive community

Growing our community

Holme Farm is a community hub. Our workshops, gardens and wildlife spread across 14 beautiful acres of Surrey countryside. We aim to promote and encourage health, wellbeing and community, providing a therapeutic environment where people within Surrey can socialise, learn and thrive.

Ronnie Kendall

“Holme Farm brings people together to learn, grow and flourish, collaboratively creating a positive impact on both the local area and the environment. Come and join us!”

Ronnie Kendall

Holme Farm Founder

Practical solutions to emotional problems

Our diverse skillset at Holme Farm makes each day a new opportunity for growth. Our volunteers generously share their time and expertise, establishing regular sessions for woodturning, DIY, craft and other skills in our large workshop. All our workshops are free to attend, but donations are always welcome! 

Our vision is to continue helping the people of North Surrey find the path to all-round health and happiness.

Corporate Partnerships

Our relationship with local businesses and organisations is critical to achieving our aims and if we could we’d like to thank each one of them personally as they make a huge impact.

Real Impact, Real Stories

Hear from our community about the real difference Holme Farm makes in their lives. From newfound skills to friendships and a sense of purpose, our volunteers’ stories are a testament to the power of community involvement.

A woman in a Vegetable Garden

Cindy, Volunteer

“Volunteering at Holme Farm has been an eye-opening experience. From tending the community vegetable patch to helping out at the arts and crafts workshops, every day brings something new. It’s more than just volunteering; it’s about being part of a community that genuinely cares and works together to make a difference.”​

A group of men in orange vests holding a certificate Holme Farm Community Gardens & Workshops

Derek, GreenTech Solutions

“Our partnership with Holme Farm has been an integral part of our CSR strategy. Engaging our employees in Holme Farm’s initiatives, like the Big Build project, has not only contributed to the community but also fostered a sense of teamwork and purpose within our company.”​

Two women standing next to a shopping cart full of food Holme Farm Community Gardens & Workshops

Laura, Co-Op

“Supporting Holme Farm by providing supplies for their kitchen and events has been rewarding for us. Seeing how our contributions help make the charity volunteers feel welcome and support events efforts reinforces the importance of community-driven businesses supporting each other.”​

Person in Black and White Striped Long Sleeve Shirt Holding White Plastic Basket

Sam, Home-ed

“Joining the woodworking workshops at Holme Farm has been a turning point for me. It’s not just about learning a skill but also about finding a place where I feel I belong, contributing to something meaningful.”​

Our latest news

We need your help

Be it time, funds, or materials, every contribution is a vital part of our journey. Together, we can continue to create a haven where nature and community coalesce in harmony.

The Power of Community

See the tangible results of our collective efforts. With every person helped, volunteer recruited, and partnership formed, we’re building a stronger, more connected community.