Yesterday, Saturday 17th July 2021, was another successful event that ended with the removal of a huge amount of Himalayan Balsam from along the public footpath beside Holme Farm. From 11am volunteers came and went some returning again later throughout the day.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks were on tap courtesy of Paul Haygreen (Committee Member) who turned up with his camping stove and table. Andi Roy (Our Wildlife Expert & Trustee) along with Bramble was on hand and from time to time to explained/taught volunteers about the wildlife and why it was important to remove an extremely invasive plant species.

Himalayan Balsam plants from just centimetres to over 3meters high were pulled and placed in piles around the site. These will, like any annual, rot and put their goodness back into the soil without being allowed to seed.

We are planning another event to pull the Himalayan Balsam from other areas to give our natural plants and wildlife a better opportunity to flourish in that area.

Himalayan Balsam is surprisingly easy to pull, with its roots just a couple of centimetres in the ground, so 5 or 85 you can all help eradicate this plant.

Thank you to all the volunteers, about 20 over the day, for your support.

If you would like to volunteer next time, please watch this space.

PS anytime you are walking in the woods please feel free to pull a few plants – if everyone passing pulled 5 plants, it would soon be eradicated!

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