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Corporate Partners – Together We Can Make A Difference

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We aim to build a multidisciplinary approach to community health and well-being. This project is designed to be fully inclusive and aimed at all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds as well as all ages and orientations. By forming partnerships with other organisations, we will support communities in and around North West Surrey to learn, socialise and thrive together.

As the project progresses, Holme Farm seeks to partner with health professionals, commercial organisations, support groups and more. Our partnerships will support Holme Farm to build strong, kind and caring relationships across the community, improving the centre in ways that provide additional opportunities to help more people to reach their potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a number of companies already helping support Holme Farm through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), whether financial, charitable, environmental, ethical or philanthropic and you can too.

Did you know CSR can actually increase your revenue and profit? Numerous marketing studies have found that both investors and consumers are more likely to support and purchase from a company that fosters a strong social cause or practices CSR in other ways, such as environmentally friendly or charitable activities.

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Together our passion and skills empower us to help our local community and create the future today, leading you to unlimited possibilities and unprecedented success.

Emotional and
psychological wellbeing

Working in a green space offers a range of physiological, psychological, social and environmental benefits.

Make a positive environmental impact

By offering diversity in our facilities and activities, people will be encouraged to take part in new opportunities and see how working together benefits the wider community.

Reduce social

Team building activities can reduce social isolation and have a positive impact on your employee’s health and wellbeing.

Help us achieve our vision and ensure that Holme Farm is a place for everyone

Here are some of the companies you’ll join

We couldn’t realise this project if it weren’t for the incredible support we’ve already received from local healthcare experts and businesses with corporate social responsibilities. If you’d like to be part of this incredible future please get in touch.

Let’s make a difference, together

The most important factor that makes our partnerships so successful is a shared passion for wanting to change the future for our community.