Why get involved?

Our corporate partners are a critical part of our success. From plumbing to electrics and site clearance they have been instrumental in getting the site to the point where our volunteers can get stuck in and there is lots more to do…

Our corporate partners contribute through volunteering, expertise sharing and funding, playing a vital role in sustaining and advancing our projects. Together, we can make a greater impact.

How can we help you?

Partnering with Holme Farm offers a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful community work, enrich your corporate social responsibility portfolio, and make a lasting impact. By supporting us, you help to foster community spirit, enhance wellbeing, and contribute to sustainable local development.

Feedback from some of our Corporate Partners

Toby – Empower

“Our partnership with Holme Farm has been an enriching experience. The impact we’ve collectively made in the community is a testament to the power of our collaboration.”​

Mark – Samsung​

 “Thanks to the great coordination and support from the Holme Farm team, we had an opportunity to get our Sales team together to support them while building team morale.
We hope to be able to volunteer again in the near future.”

Jennie – Tree Duck Design

“I’ve had the opportunity to reshape Holme Farm’s branding and web presence, witnessing first-hand the incredible community transformation it has spurred. This collaboration has been both inspiring and rewarding.”​

Ronnie, Founder

“It’s incredible what we’ve achieved with the help of our coporate partners. We’re grateful for all their continued support.”​

Got Questions?

If your company is interested in partnering with us, we’re excited to explore this opportunity! Please get in touch with our partnership team. We will discuss how your company’s goals align with our mission and explore various collaboration options, from volunteer initiatives to sponsorship and beyond.

We offer a diverse range of volunteering opportunities tailored to various interests and skills. These include hands-on activities in our gardens and workshops, supporting our events, and skill-based volunteering in areas like marketing, IT, and event management. We can also tailor activities to suit your team’s interests and skills.

Absolutely! We welcome contributions towards specific projects that align with your company’s interests and values. Whether it’s supporting our environmental initiatives, educational workshops, or community events, there’s a range of projects your company can directly impact.

Partnering with Holme Farm offers numerous benefits. It enhances your corporate social responsibility profile, provides team-building and employee engagement opportunities, and aligns your brand with community-driven values. Additionally, it offers a platform to demonstrate your commitment to social and environmental causes.

We deeply value our corporate partners and acknowledge their contributions through various channels. This includes featuring them on our website and in our publications, acknowledging them in relevant press releases, and involving them in our community events. We believe in celebrating our partnerships and the collective impact we achieve.

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