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Discover the Power of Green and social Prescribing

We help facilitate green and social prescribing through the NHS and other organisations, although you can just pop in for a visit too. Our initiatives invite local people to reconnect with nature and the community. Whether it’s a peaceful walk through our fields or participating in conservation activities, you’ll be welcomed at Holme Farm.

What is Social Prescribing?

Social prescribing at Holme Farm offers a unique approach to health and wellbeing. It’s more than just medical care; it’s about finding joy and connection in community activities, art workshops and group exercises.

Come on down and uplift your spirits, foster social connections and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Your Questions Answered

Green prescribing refers to the practice of recommending nature-based activities for health benefits. At Holme Farm, this includes activities like guided nature walks, gardening, and environmental conservation. These activities have been shown to reduce stress, improve mental health, and enhance physical well-being.

While social prescribing offers significant benefits, it is intended to complement, not replace, conventional medical treatments. It focuses on improving mental and social well-being through community activities, art, and group exercises. It’s particularly effective for individuals with long-term conditions, mental health issues, or those who feel isolated.

Healthcare professionals can refer patients to our programmes via a simple referral process. We work closely with local GPs, nurses and other health professionals to ensure a seamless integration of our services with traditional healthcare pathways. For specific referral procedures, please contact us directly.

Most of our programmes are funded and offered at no cost to participants. However, certain specialised workshops or events might have a minimal fee. We strive to keep our activities accessible and affordable to ensure everyone can benefit from the healing power of nature and community.



“Discovering Holme Farm’s green prescribing programme has been a revelation for my mental health. The serene walks and gardening sessions have not only calmed my mind but also rejuvenated my spirit. It’s a rare gem that combines the tranquility of nature with a supportive community.”​


“The social prescribing at Holme Farm has transformed my life. The art workshops and group activities provided me with a sense of belonging and purpose I hadn’t felt in years. It’s incredible how much joy and healing can come from being part of such a vibrant community.”​

Dr. Sam

“As a GP, referring patients to Holme Farm has been one of the best decisions for their holistic well-being. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with patients reporting significant improvements in their mental and emotional health. Holme Farm’s approach is a perfect complement to conventional medical treatments.”​


“Holme Farm’s innovative approach to health and well-being has made a significant impact on our patients, providing them with an invaluable resource for natural and community-based healing.”​

Our Wellbeing Partners

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Holme Farm is an ideal choice for healthcare providers looking to integrate green and social prescribing. Our programmes, rooted in nature and community engagement, offer a holistic approach to patient wellness. By partnering with us, providers can enhance their care with our nurturing, natural healing environments.