There’s something magical about being outside, and kids get that

Learning is a lifelong adventure, and at Holme Farm, we hope to provide just that from cradle to grave. With indoor spaces from the wood workshop through Technology and crafting to the Gardens and outdoor spaces. From the formal lessons to the informal conversations and simple questions.

Learning for children doesn’t just happen in school but is developed with their experiences and just as they need a good variety of food to build a healthy body they also need a variety of experiences to grow and develop intellectually. From the seemingly simple enjoyment of the youngest, being in the Mud kitchen and play space, discovering perhaps the meaning of “full” and “empty” and things roll down not up, the growth of Forest play is about touching different textures, making and listening to sounds, different smells. Free play and experimenting making, mixing, even bashing and crushing, all allow children to develop understanding.

At Holme Farm we will provide this opportunity to families and children’s groups to enjoy; Families, Childminders, Schools, Mother & Toddler groups will all be welcome to come and enjoy the outdoor spaces, within a safe area of the garden. Encouraging children’s learning and cooperating in building dens and getting messy, learning about wildlife, identifying different birds and mammals, finding out about what animal, insect or bird wants to live where, to experiences within our outdoor learning centre, which we intend to be a “Hobbit house” which should be less intimidating to small children especially for example, any who have autism, through to growing vegetables in the allotments again we will be encouraging schools and other groups to be involved in experiencing growing their own vegetables.

Learning, however, doesn’t end in childhood and adults can also enjoy all of these activities either working alone, enjoying the solitude and peace or together with others enjoying company, learning from each other or being able to seek advice from those more experienced. We also hope that the adults will enjoy discovering the wildlife on their doorstep.

There will also be the learning opportunity, gaining qualifications, perhaps in Bee Keeping or Catering. At Holme Farm we will be offering a wide variety of teaching and learning opportunities in both formal classroom settings and outside in the gardens and wilder areas. Teaching may be courses with a qualification or certificate or just for the fun of attending. We will have courses for all and following our ethos, being able to pay will not be a reason for people not to be able to attend. Some courses may need to have a charge, either to pay for the materials needed or to cover the costs of the trainer. Even on these courses we will ensure there are at least 2 spaces that are sponsored for those on a low income.

Holm Farm is organised by a group that will transform a disused, overgrown area with derelict buildings into a shining example of organic growing, wildlife gardening, sustainable energy production and community involvement in Lifelong Learning.

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