One of the important areas for a project like Holme Farm is the team you build. We are extremely fortunate in this area as we have a strong a dedicated team with differing skills.

One such team member is Andi Roy. Andi is our Ecologist.

Andi is leading our rewilding and biodiversity project. He takes his work at Holme Farm community project very seriously and may even taking it home with him. If you follow our posts, you may remember a photo of Andi where a wood pigeon suddenly decided, when he was working for Horsell Common, to meet up with Andi and use him for a perch.

Andi began his career as a microbiologist with a BSc (Hons) Zoology from the University of Reading, and went on to work for DEFRA. He has a decade of experience in liaising between multiple stakeholders in the delivery of complex projects as well as the planning, execution and reporting of scientific projects.      

Andi, since being a young child was captivated by the natural world and over the years, he has volunteered for surrey wildlife trust and other similar groups to plan and carry out habitat management to benefit wildlife. He has built on this passion with a BSc (hons) in zoology, an MSc Conservation Science at Imperial College London and has honed his knowledge of ecological practices and conservation approaches with a particular affinity for reptiles and amphibians. As a conservationist Andi is also keen to bring his knowledge and expertise to the cause of Holme farm.

Andi is responsible for the Holme Farm Project Biodiversity & Nature Approach. He is great with children and adults alike. Always out and about in his own time working for nature wherever it may be. A constant professional adding to local information for numerous wildlife organisations, his posts are quite prolific.

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