There are lots of amazing things planned for Holme Farm

We plan to have carpentry workshops, craft sessions, talks, a café, an orchard, beekeeping and gardening, not to mention a focus on wildlife and biodiversity. Interactivity is key to our vision and we want to provide the means for our community to get hands-on with the natural world in ways they haven’t before.

  • Wood Workshop
  • Community Orchard
  • Allotment / food growing
  • Family / Sensory garden areas
  • Cafe
  • Community Apiary
  • Bird watching
  • Re-wilding & Biodiversity
  • River maintenance / wetlands / pond
  • WildlifeTree planting
  • Nature Trails, Flora & Fauna
  • Furniture Restoration and up-cycling
  • Fabric based – Embroidery, Applique, Quilting, Tapestry
  • Art – painting, drawing, sketching
  • Jewellery making
  • Electronics & IT
  • Music creation
  • Wellbeing – therapies, disciplines and exercises for overall self-improvement


Our group aims to turn what is currently plain grassy fields into vibrant woodland and wildflower meadows that are alive with the sights, sounds and smells of nature – all species benefiting from our ambitious plans to rewild the land.

We are committed to creating a welcoming place for the community to learn too – there will be no snobbery and no such thing as silly questions here – so please do visit us armed with all those nature queries you were too afraid to ask!

As part of our commitment to making nature accessible we will have feeding stations, ponds, hides and nest cameras which will allow close encounters with animals that are often just a fleeting glimpse or a speck in the distance. Guided ‘safaris’, dusk walks and an annual biodiversity showcase will allow you to discover more of the fascinating wildlife we have right on our doorsteps in Runnymede.

Family & Sensory Garden

Our sensory garden will include calming scents such as lavender and jasmine as well as calming areas for the whole family to use, which can help reduce depression and aid stress release.

A sensory garden is a garden environment that is designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses. This stimulation occurs courtesy of plants and the use of materials that engage one’s senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. These types of gardens are popular with and beneficial to both children and adults, especially those who have sensory processing issues, including autism and other disabilities.

The Shed

The Shed is a place to pursue interests, to practice skills, and enjoy making and mending and discuss anything.

A community shed is where you can do this together. It is about social connections, friendship building, sharing skills, and knowledge and of course a lot of laughter and plenty of tea!


We will have beehives on site for those who fancy giving it a go, and with our wildlife surveys there will be countless opportunities for those who are interested to catch and study all manner of creatures, from insects to reptiles to mice.

We will need volunteer work parties to assist with the maintenance of the site through activities such as tree planting, habitat creation and scrub clearance. These volunteer days are a great way for people of all ages to get outdoors, meet new people and learn new skills. So whether you want to get stuck in with a spade, put your waders on and get into the river or (most importantly) be in charge of tea and biscuits, we welcome everyone who wants to contribute!

Arts & Crafts

We are aiming to promote the use of Arts and Crafts to engage and promote public interaction in their community. Artwork helps express a community’s values and creates an elevated sense of awareness for community members and visitors. Art represents life in many ways so there is no wrong idea or bad painting AND mistakes are allowed! We want to encourage you to try things out, without fear of failure or embarrassment because we can get so much out of creating artwork.

We will be running activities and workshops for anyone in any discipline we can, from watercolour painting to weaving or mosaic making. We have the scope to include more and develop along the way. Using this project is key to creating a greater vested interest in using and maintaining our local facilities thus ensuring the community becomes a better place to live, work and visit.


If there is one good thing to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic it is the reawakened interest in nature. It’s good to rediscover the outdoors once more and Holme Farm has the potential to become a nature reserve everyone can share. Our planet is in such a terrible state that it is important to give nature space and encourage it to flourish; and what better place to start than in our own local community. At Holme Farm, the land has lain undisturbed for years and the nature within has become wild and free. By developing and carefully managing this space with wildlife in mind we can increase the biodiversity already present. If you are aged 1 to 101 there will be something there for everyone.