Lithuanian Sauna at holme farm

Discover the perfect blend of sauna, nature & spa for holistic wellbeing in the grounds of Holme Farm.

“Join us and relax, refresh and recharge in the heart of nature for a unique sauna experience.”

Gerda Skrickiene

Founder of Saunature Spa

Experience the Healing Power of Nature

At Saunature Spa, we harness the power of nature to enhance your wellbeing. Our carefully crafted treatments incorporate nature’s healing wonders, such as birch and oak whisks, clay masks and all-natural oils. Experience the therapeutic benefits firsthand and allow the elements to work their magic, restoring balance to your entire being.

Our fully qualified Lithuanian therapist, Gerda, brings her expertise and passion for wellness to every treatment, ensuring your body, mind and soul find perfect harmony. From the ancient art of sauna bathing to our exquisite whisks VANTA massage and rejuvenating salt scrubs, each experience is designed to transport you to a state of complete relaxation.


Step into our wood-fired sauna tent and let the warmth embrace you, melting away tension and leaving you refreshed and revitalised. Experience the therapeutic benefits of sauna bathing in the heart of nature at Saunature Spa.


“Saunature Spa is a serene oasis that offers an unforgettable spa experience. Surrounded by the beauty of Holme Farm, it’s a hidden gem for ultimate self-care..”​


“One of the most enriching and nourishing experiences embarking on the elements sauna ritual with Gerda. Could not recommend going on this journey more!.”​


“SHE: Sauna Ritual is a very sacred,  very feminine ritual in a beautiful, serene space! I am not new to wet saunas, but have never experienced anything like it! Gerda gave it so much more meaning.”​


“The sauna tent pitched in Holme Farm is brilliant idea, very picturesque and secluded. My friend and I really enjoyed it”​

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