The Holme Farm team will build a place for families, a Sensory Garden. Also known as Peace or Healing Gardens, they are place to offer a haven for adults and children alike, providing place of reflection and activity that feed mind, body and soul.

Children and adults with learning disabilities particularly benefit from time in well-designed sensory gardens. Children with ADHD and ASD, isolated older members of the community, stressed executives or parents and teenagers can benefit from improved mood, reduced anxiety, improved memory and enhanced cognitive function.

Sensory Gardens are increasing in their popularity, but their design, the detail, accessibility and inclusion are at the heart of Sensory Garden design. Making accessibility for all to the rich experiences of the natural world available to sight impaired, hearing impaired, learning disabled or mobility impaired people is important to us all.

They are places that can be designed with many different purposes in mind. They can be calming with scented plants and restful seating, a community area for growing tasty food or wildlife friendly plants, a therapeutic space for people to recuperate, a learning zone full of exciting things to touch and smell or an accessible garden for people with sight loss or wheelchairs to be fully independent. The possibilities are endless and that’s what makes these gardens so exciting.

The purpose of a sensory garden is to trigger various neurological experiences, some of which are new, some familiar and often in exciting combinations. These sensory experiences can be highly impactful – visitors become more receptive to the world around them in a positive manner. This allows children and adults to improve elements of their cognitive function, whilst remaining in a safe, relaxing environment.

Whilst the Community Allotment can support raising plants, our Carpentry Shed will make
wooden planters so you can engrave them, providing visual and tactile experiences. Build raised beds to enhance the visual effect and build timber structures to create a contrasting sensory experience to the plants, and in time install educational panels and pillars providing a trail to follow.

The Holme Farm project will be A Leisure Park with A Difference, it will have a diverse mixture of facilities:

The Outside Space
  • Chicken Shed
  • Children’s Forest Learning
  • Community Apiary
  • Community Aquaponics
  • Community Garden Allotment
  • Community Landscaping
  • Community Orchard
  • Nature Trails Flora & Fauna
  • Outside Gym
  • Renewable energy displays
  • River Boardwalk
  • River Maintenance
  • Sensory garden
  • Young Persons Day Camping
  • Youth Facilities
A Learning Centre for Biodiversity & Environmental Subjects & School Room.
The Shed – Building A
  • Carpentry Skills
  • Mechanics Skills
  • Drinking Tea
The Hub – Building B
  • Coffee Shop – DOWNTIME
  • Office & Records
  • Meeting Room
Workshop 1 & 2 & 3
  • Arts & Crafts Learning Centres
  • Woodworking
  • Needle work

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