We have big plans and need your help to make it happen​

Our vision is to transform a once-forgotten space into a thriving community hub. Imagine a place where education, nature and wellbeing come together. This is what we aim to build – but we need your support to turn this dream into reality.

A rendering of a building with trees in the background Holme Farm Community Gardens & Workshops
A rendering of a building with trees in the background Holme Farm Community Gardens & Workshops

“Your contribution helps us lay the foundation of a better future for our community. Every brick, every beam, every garden plant starts with your generosity.”

Martin McEvoy

Big Build Lead

Crafting Spaces for Tomorrow

We’re committed to creating a space that offers endless opportunities for learning, growth and relaxation. Our project includes developing state-of-the-art facilities while preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings. We believe in a space where education and nature coexist harmoniously.

Our journey involves transforming old structures into dynamic, modern facilities. From classrooms that inspire learning to tranquil sensory gardens for meditation and reflection, every aspect of our build is designed with the community in mind. We’re shaping a future where everyone has a place to learn, grow and connect.

Building More Than Structures

Our impact extends beyond construction; it’s about building a legacy of community, learning, and sustainability.









Sensory garden

Education Rooms

Outdoor Experience Areas

Free Parking

Project Highlights

Join us in erecting more than just structures; we’re building dreams, fostering education and nurturing community spirit. Your support is the cornerstone of this transformative project. Project Highlights Section to include Cafe, Workshops, Education Rooms, Sensory garden, Free Car Parking and Many Outdoor Experience Areas

Embrace Change, Foster Community

Be a part of this monumental change. Your involvement can make a real difference in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for our community.