The Community Workshops and Gardens at Holme Farm was established as a charity exactly a year ago and the past months have given us a chance to really observe what grows naturally, and what creatures have made this precious place their home. The Big Garden Birdwatch is the perfect opportunity to come down and understand the benefits, the simple joy of observing and being really connected with nature.

We are also giving you the opportunity to find out a lot more from local experts. They can bring to life some of the seemingly small wonders of the site. Did you know that we have spotted almost 30 different types of birds – not just robins, Great Tits and Wood pigeons but a variety of ducks, birds of prey and even a Kingfisher? But it’s not just about the birds, we have seen many deer, weasels, wood mice, slow worms, grass snakes and a huge number of butterflies and insects.

For budding young naturalists, you can carry out your Duke of Edinburgh volunteering duties; for younger visitors, you can see what you can find in the muddy fields, for adults, you can enjoy the wonderful peace and happiness that Holme Farm brings.

And we need your support to continue our work, so there’s a chance to buy bird boxes, enjoy a range of refreshments or simply donate to keep helping us in our efforts.  The best bit is, we are still growing and we’d love your ideas and feedback to help shape this wonderful place. Holme Farm is for everyone!

Please join us on Sunday, 29th January | 11 am – 2 pm.

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