An Idea for one area of the site is… our Learning Centre – The Cabin.

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The Learning Centre

The Cabin will make a massive difference to the Holme Farm Project, because whatever the weather, we can get groups outdoors and yet, still be sheltered from the rain, wind or snow. It will be made accessible for all users to take part in learning all year round, which will be amazing.

A Sensory Experience

The new building will provide a multi-sensory experience for all users learning about biodiversity, wildlife and sustainability. Enjoying the smell of the wood and the different textures of the materials used – hearing the birds, even getting to experience being away from the noise and distractions of the main building, (The Barn). The shape of The Cabin, with seating around the edge, will provide an easy setting for group discussions and sharing.

Connection to Nature

Surrounded by wood, with windows that look out into nature the space makes users feel relaxed and a part of nature. We also believe that the sounds of the birds and trees outside will have a really calming effect and help to focus on learning or even just relaxing and calming down after returning from a great outdoor experience.

The Benefits

The circular shape of The Cabin really lends itself to a sense of community, because all of the participants are able to see each other when sitting in one or more of the areas provided. They will be able to hear each other.

And Relax

The atmosphere will be tranquil, everybody will be able to feel a bit more chilled out. The surroundings of Holme Farm will be green and beautiful and even the smell of The Cabin adds to the sense of peace.

Support Wellbeing & Mindfulness

The Cabin will provide a space where those suffering stress or needing a quiet space can go to relax, probably one of the most important things we can provide to support wellbeing and mindfulness.

A school supporting Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) for children who may be on the Autistic Spectrum or with ADHD has found this type of space so useful to them. They said:

“the Unique Environment of The Cabin is like no other building in school. For some of our students who find the school environment particularly challenging, we can now provide a space that is unattached to our typical school classrooms or offices.”

The Cabin will also be open to other groups, Schools, Youth Groups, Special Needs Groups etc.

Conclusion – It is a Must Have for Holme Farm

Having The Cabin will take learning to another level, whether a Wildlife Experience, Peace & Mindfulness or a group activity. It will allow users that wouldn’t usually have access to outdoor learning to experience this type of learning.

Like all our plans for this innovative Community Project we do need support. Please SUPPORT the Holme Farm Project by DONATING here.