Woodwork, Crafts and More…

The Workshop is a busy hub where we have woodwork sessions for everyone wanting to give DIY a go. You don’t need a project in mind before you come and visit us in The Workshop (although it’s fine if you do). Pop down and visit us.

Steve Clements standing in a workshop Holme Farm Community Gardens & Workshops
A man with glasses and tattoos standing in a workshop Holme Farm Community Gardens & Workshops

“Join us for a variety of activities that are not just about learning skills but also about building friendships and supporting mental well-being.”

Steve Clements

The Workshop Lead

Learn a new skill

Every week, our friendly volunteers welcome people from all backgrounds to our workshops. We hold regular workshops in woodwork, wood turning, DIY, crafts, sewing and more. All our workshops are dedicated to combating loneliness and improving mental health – everyone is welcome. 

The Workshop also houses the kind donations that have come from our community. Some we use, some we repurpose and some we sell – come and take a look!

Making a Measurable Difference

At The Workshop, our impact is measured not just in the projects we create, but in the lives we touch and the community we build.







Join Our Community of Makers and Creators

Step into The Workshop and be part of a cause that’s about more than just crafts. It’s about creating connections, building community and making a difference.