Upcycling items to raise money​

Holme Farm has a huge collection of donated items. We use what we can – did you know our raised vegetable beds started life as car windscreen boxes?! Our kitchen is furnished with preloved chairs and tables and all our woodwork and gardening tools have been donated. Thanks, everyone!

“Every item you give breathes new life into our community projects. Your generosity is not just about giving things, it’s about supporting a sustainable future and making a real difference in people’s lives.“


Repair Shop Lead

Breathing new life into old things

At Holme Farm, we try to create opportunities for wellbeing, learning and flourishing. Repairing old items provides these opportunities – our team gains the satisfaction of restoring and creating, as well as socialising with other repair enthusiasts. 

If we cannot use a donated item directly, we repair or upcycle it to sell. The money raised goes towards our projects, all of which are designed to promote better mental health and combat loneliness. 

Respecting our planet and living lightly on the Earth is a recognised part of wellbeing. When we keep tools, furniture and other items out of landfill, we are helping to conserve the Earth’s precious resources. We sell our repaired items for far less than the original price tag, providing an affordable, ethical alternative to the high street. 

Our eBay shop is coming soon. In the meantime, contact us to find out more about buying our restored tools and wooden furniture.

Making a Difference

At Holme Farm’s Repair Shop, we don’t just repair items, we restore hope and build community resilience. Join us in making a difference.







Join our repair team

If you love fixing things and you have time to spare, why not join our team?